*For members who pay their dues 1 year in advance or sign a year long membership commitment, all initiation fees will be waived.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Memberships are a block of memberships that offer full privileges to the holder and are owned by the corporation or firm. The number is set by the corporation and assigned to one individual per membership. They can only be used by the person assigned to the membership and that person must be present to utilize the membership.

Initiation Fee:
$1,000 for every 5 members

Monthly dues:
1-5 members: $175 total
6-10 members: $350 total
11-15 members: $525 total

Quarterly Food Minimum: $500.00

This minimum is billed quarterly to the corporation, not the individual accounts. It is the responsibility of the company to meet the minimum.

Resident Membership

Resident members are those whose principal place of business or residence is located in Pulaski County. Resident members, their spouses, and their dependent children living at home under the age of 21 may enjoy all club privileges.

Initiation Fee: $1,000.00
Monthly Dues: $70.00
Quarterly Food Minimum: $120.00


Non-Resident members shall have the same privileges as Resident members. Non-Resident membership is available to persons whose principal place of business and residence is located outside of Pulaski County.

Initiation Fee: $500.00
Monthly Dues: $42.00
Quarterly Food Minimum: none


Junior memberships are available to qualified applicants from the ages of 21 to 39. Junior memberships offer the same privileges as a Resident member. At the age of 40, membership may be continued as a Resident member with regular Resident member monthly dues.

Initiation Fee: $500
Monthly Dues: $30.00
Monthly Minimum: $20

Non-Profit Membership

Non-Profit memberships are available to qualified non-profit organization applicants.

Initiation Fee: $1000
Monthly Dues: $30.00
Monthly Food Minimum:  $20.00

Legacy Membership*

Legacy membership offers full benefits to the member and spouse. It is held for a lifetime and can be passed down only once to a direct familial beneficiary. It is a one-time fee of $10,000 and must be paid in full upon placement of membership.

Initiation Fee: $10,000
Monthly Dues: none
Quarterly Food Minimum: none

*Should someone wish to purchase a Legacy Membership, a separate, legal document will be signed outlining the agreement between the individual and the club. It will specify that the beneficiary will receive the lifetime membership but that it is non-transferrable after that. It will also specify that all beneficiaries are subject to board approval before receiving benefits of the membership. Finally, this document will appropriate all monies received through a Legacy Membership to a capitol improvement fund set aside for club improvements such as new chairs, tables, carpeting, drapes and other accouterments.

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