Dress Etiquette

A business dress code is enforced at all times (excluding private evening functions, please contact your host for dress guidelines for your function).

A collared shirt and dress pants, slacks or khakis are to be worn by men when in the club. A suit jacket and tie is preferred but is not mandatory.

Women are expected to follow suit with the appropriate equivalent to these guidelines.

Flip flips are not permitted.

It is the responsibility of the member to convey these standards to their guests ahead of time so they may make the appropriate adjustments. If you are unsure of a particular clothing item or look, feel free to call us.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Cell phones must be turned on mute or vibrate upon entering the lobby of the club. Calls are not permitted in the Main Dining Room or Grille at any time for any reason (First Response personnel are excused from this rule). Please excuse yourself to the lobby for all personal or business calls.

Coat Room Etiquette

We have a coatroom available to all members and guests located to the left of the lobby when exiting the elevators. It is unattended so we ask that you keep all valuables on you as we are not responsible for loss. We have never had a problem nor do we ever expect to have a problem, but we are not liable in the event of missing items.

Club Discretion

It is the policy of The Little Rock Club to never give out the names of our members without their consent. Please be assured your information will be kept private and protected at all times.

Lost or Left Items

Items lost or left behind after 1:00 pm each day will be collected and taken to the 16th floor where our staff offices are located. Should you leave an item behind, contact us with a description and if found, we will hold it in Suite 1601 for your retrieval. Should you fail to retrieve the item within 30 days of the day of your visit to the club when the item was lost, you forfeit all rights to the item found.

*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Please observe standard social etiquette as well as our specific club etiquette listed above. We appreciate your courtesy and thank you for you compliance.